Harriston Cup Planter – Simple, Proven, Reliable

Harriston Industries proudly engineers and builds our machines here in the United States. This gives us the opportunity to create proven and reliable designs that we have a hand in throughout the entire production process, to ensure the highest quality. Using a simple yet extremely precise design, one of the newsworthy products we have worked hard to fine-tune and perfect is the Harriston Cup Planter.

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This machine is built with the grower’s needs in mind, focusing on accuracy and reliability. Available in widths from one to 12 rows, our Cup Planter features a rigid row unit that prevents seeds from falling off the cup due to the opening shoe movement. A floating shoe provides consistent seed depth, adjustable for different field conditions, and a short seed drop assures the best seed spacing accuracy possible in a cup planter.


The positive bowl feeding system incorporated with this machine can be either mechanically switch-activated or controlled by ultrasonic sensors, depending upon which drive system you prefer. Unlike the gravity systems, both options maintain an even seed bowl height to allow for more uniform feeding of the cups, producing fewer skips and doubles. The planter also comes equipped with a Harriston Hydraulic Drive for simple on-the-fly adjustments, with dry fertilizer integrated, eliminating the need for multiple displays. There are a variety of other options available as well, including but not limited to:

  • Clutch kit for individual row shutoff
  • Fertilizer attachments
  • GPS-compatible rear steer
  • GPS or manual switch control options
  • Harriston or Raven Hyd Control
  • Hopper extensions
  • Hydraulic or mechanical drive
  • Markers
  • Opening shoe option
  • Pole hitch or semi-mount
  • Seed accuracy monitor
  • Walking tandem wheels
  • Wheel sizes

Simplicity and reliability in a proven Harriston design is what you are guaranteed when you purchase our cup planter.

To see a variety of our equipment at work, including our planters, check out this video. Visit our website or contact us to learn how our machinery can take your operation to the next level.

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