Progress to a Cleaner Crop with the Harriston Evolution Table

Step into 21st-century potato farming with the Harriston Evolution Table, featured and formally introduced to the market in February of 2016 in Spudman Magazine. Enhance the effectiveness of your dirt elimination process, while having total control over speed and direction to save you valuable time during harvest. This quality-built machine can be used to gently separate and extract excess material from your crop for a more efficiently cleaned end product.

evolution table- brochure

This piece of equipment has deformable spiral rollers, and adjustable dirt rollers that can be used for gentle or aggressive cleaning action. You can increase or decrease the speed of the six spiral rollers and the six dirt rollers. You also have the ability to reverse the dirt roller’s direction.

evolution thumbnail- brochure

Our Evolution Table fits all Harriston Industries dirt elimination machines, as well as most harvesters and windrowers. Check out this video to see the Evolution Table in action, and visit our website to learn more about this and the other quality-made potato, edible bean, and row crop equipment we have available.

Have any questions or would like to further discuss options and availability of any of our machines? Be sure to contact us on our website or call 701.248.3268 for our North Dakota location and 208.523.6296for our Idaho store.