What’s New?


Besides potatoes, Mayo designs and builds equipment for a variety of fruit and vegetables, including carrots, onions, sweet potatoes and apples, all pictured below.  This equipment can be similar to our regular lines, altered for the product or designed specifically for the product.




As we move into 2022, Mayo is pleased to be working with many customers on upcoming projects and potato equipment.  We are all facing challenges but the Potato Industry is strong and we appreciate being part of it.




Great to be displaying again at Potato shows.   This years Potato shows started with the Potato Expo in Anaheim and then Idaho, Washington, Manitoba, Michigan, Wisconsin and North Dakota/Minnesota. Attendance has been very good at the Mayo Display.  See a list of potato shows on the events page.




A recently completed packing shed expansion project.  Mayo equipment added included washers, sizers, flumes, debris removal and integration with a Mayo polisher and Tomra optical sorters.  The expansion used all stainless steel equipment to increase volume and accuracy and reduce labor.







Mayo has delivered a wide range of storage and transloading equipment.  This includes Bin Pilers, Conveyor Systems with Telescoping and Portable Connecting Conveyors, Surge Hoppers and Evenflows and Unloading Conveyors with Stingers.  Mayo Conveying and Piling equipment is built to handle high volume with gentle handling and the best durability.  Outstanding service along with quality is what Mayo is known for.










A new chipping potato project in the Northwest.  This system includes an intake flume for debris removal and presoak.  The chip potatoes are then thoroughly cleaned with a brush wash and high pressure spray.  Drying is done by a felt dryer.  Next is a roller table for sorting and then into a Mayo evenflow before bulk and tote bag shipping.  The system is efficient and effective.  The water system was designed for above floor operation using a Mayo water reclaim tank which uses a two step water cleaning process for reusing water while introducing fresh water.




















Mayo potato equipment at work as part of potato harvest in Arizona.  Mayo conveyor lines and web belt multiple sizers are part of the receiving/grading/shipping lines.


Fresh Crop Project

A new project completed in the Southeast.  This line starts with unloading bulk semi trailers from the field and incorporates washing, sorting, sizing and pilers for loading out.  The design includes Mayo scale conveyors and integrates specialty equipment from other manufacturers.


Mayo Building Expansion 

Our most recent expansion has been completed, providing substantial more space for machine assembly and staging.